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Bewitched Jewellery by Jessica Nicole

Unique Upcycled Copper Pipe Brooch

Unique Upcycled Copper Pipe Brooch

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Elevate your style with our one-of-a-kind Upcycled Copper Pipe Brooch, a true statement piece for those who appreciate creativity and sustainability.

Crafted from a repurposed copper pipe and stainless steel washer, this brooch also features intricate beads for a touch of elegance

Designed for convenience, this brooch features a magnetic backing for easy attachment to your clothing. No need to worry about pinholes or fussing with clasps.

 This brooch sits best on thinner clothing, adding a touch of sophistication to blouses, dresses, or scarves. Please note that it may not work well with chunky sweaters or thick fabrics.

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